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If you plan to come to the mountains, these tips of how to prepare your ‘Alpine backpack’ and what to put in it are important.

It is essential that your rucksack is not too heavy. It’s a question of packing the lightest possible things to save your energy. A few grams more at the beginning of the trek can feel like extra kilos when you’re climbing. Take only that which is absolutely necessary, don’t take anything ‘just in case.’ So, before packing, make a list of what you are going take -this will be useful for future treks in the mountains, although with the practice, you’ll memorise the list.

-There are backpacks of varying sizes and capacity according to the duration of your trek. They are measured in litres. There are expedition backpacks (55-65 litres) for treks of 2 days or more, backpacks of 35 litres for day treks, and backpacks for carrying the very minimum to a summit.

-Alpine backpacks do not have side pockets so as not to catch on obstructions in ‘awkward’ areas. However, lower mountain trekking backpacks are very comfortable and have side pockets for several objects like your water bottle, solar/lip cream . There are also specific models for women with specific ergonomics for their backs and hips.
-A very useful tip is to organise the inside of your backpack into ‘sections’: your food , your clothes, etc. Put the items in transparent plastic bags , this helps to insulate them and you can see at a glance what’s what without opening them.
-You must distribute the load evenly so it’s not lopsided. Pack the item you’ll need at the end of the day at the bottom of the backpack, like your sleeping bag. Above and close to your back, have the heaviest things, and in the top section put smaller things like maps, pocket knife, sunglasses.

Important not to forget.
It’s obvious that what you’re going to take ( wear) depends on the time of year, a trek of one or two days, or trekking in summer or winter is not the same, but your ‘basic backpack’ must contain:
– Extra clothes including a spare ‘breathable’ t-shirt, socks and underwear. And if you are not wearing these , an outer waterproof layer: both pants and jacket. Also hat, gloves and sunglasses.
-Food: take nuts to eat during the trek or energy bars.
-Water bottle with water and a thermos of hot drink essential in winter, but even in summer it can be cold at altitude , a hot drink is comforting and will warm you up quickly. .
-Two cigarette lighters or box of matches are always useful.
-First Aid kit. The only ‘what if ‘ item you can take.
-A watch , if you have an ‘altimeter’ better still.

Tips from the magazine Sport and Nature Oxygen

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